• Großbritannien, London
  • Jahrgang:1994
  • Assistent seit:2018
  • Führerschein:kein Führerschein
  • Eigenes Auto:kein eigenes Auto verfügbar
  • Reisepass:vorhanden
  • Sprachen:Englisch


Adam Pietraszewski

People, Portrait, Mode, Beauty, Reportage

Know How:

I have 3 years studio experience and am comfortable using both continuous and strobe lighting to achieve different lighting setups. I have experience with Elinchrom lights in particular.

I'm familiar with Canon and Fujifilm camera systems, owning an X-T2 myself.

I'm very familiar with film, particularly medium and

large format, with knowledge on developing and printing black and white in particular. I've own a Pentax 67ii, and have used Hasselblad and Mamiya medium format cameras, and a Cambo 4x5 view camera.

Extensive knowledge of Adobe Lightroom, good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Capture One.

Referenzen als Assistent / Werdegang

I've been practicing photography for 8 years, educated for two years at A-levels, achieving a perfect score at that level. I have started taking it seriously in the past year, I'm hoping to break into the professional world through assistant work.

I tend to use natural light mostly in my personal projects, but I'm not afraid of a studio setting.

I shoot portraiture as my main interest, but I explore fashion and street when I can, and undertake event photography when I get it. I also shoot behind-the-scenes work for university productions as a set photographer.

Maz Redpath, Fotoassistent, 1-5 Jobs
Elaine Mayson, Fester Fotoassistent, 1-5 Jobs


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