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  • Deutschland, Dortmund
  • Jahrgang:1985
  • Assistent seit:2013
  • Führerschein:PKW
  • Eigenes Auto:eigenes Auto verfügbar
  • Reisepass:vorhanden
  • Sprachen:Englisch, Deutsch

Fotoassistent, Digital Operator

Sarah Ruholl

People, Portrait, Architektur, Mode, Beauty, Reportage, Auslandserfahrung

Know How:

Camera digital and analog
Canon, Sony, Nikon,Phase One, Mamiya, Hasselblad

Profoto, Multiblitz, Broncolor, Elinchrome,Arri,Dedolights, Sunbounce

Photoshop, Bridge, Premiere Pro,Davinci Resolve, Indesign, Lightroom, Capture One ...Mac&PC

I am punctual and reIiable. I like working in a team, I am flexible and motivated to learn new methods and techniques referring to my work. I am able to work under pressure in and outdoor, nightworking experience. I am physically super fit and

resilient and always interested in new sports, so I am used to carrying heavy equipment.

I like travelling all over NRW, and for longer lasting productions I will also be available to travel through Germany and Europe. 
I pick up new stuff pretty quick, so no worries if your equipment is not on the list. I can offer many years of experience as a photographers’ assistant.

Referenzen als Assistent / Werdegang

since2013 working as freelance photographer mainly in Germany
since2019 studying for a master’s degree in photography
2018 bachelor of arts in photography

2015-2016 studying and working as Assistance in Melbourne Australia
2013 Assistance, London England
2005 apprenticeship as photographer

Adam Haddrick, Fotoassistent, 0-6 Monate
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Paul Krokos, Fotoassistent, mehr als 5 Jobs
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Volker Beushausen, Fotoassistent, mehr als 1 Jahr
Joachim Grothus, Fotoassistent, mehr als 1 Jahr
Andreas Teichmann, Fotoassistent, 1-5 Jobs
Silvia Kriens, Fotoassistent, mehr als 1 Jahr
Oliver Ackers, Fotoassistent, 1-5 Jobs
Daniel Etter, Fotoassistent, 1-5 Jobs
Emanuel Heine, Fotoassistent, 1-5 Jobs
Danil Vieser, Fotoassistent, 1-5 Jobs


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