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  • USA, Los Angeles
  • Jahrgang:1989
  • Assistent seit:2015
  • Führerschein:PKW
  • Eigenes Auto:eigenes Auto verfügbar
  • Reisepass:vorhanden
  • Sprachen:Englisch, Spanisch


Steffanie Padilla

People, Portrait, Mode, Beauty, Produktions Assi, Stilllife, Food, Landscape

Know How:

I have owned and used Canon equipment extensively for over 5 years and recently took up Nikon gear. I own a Canon Mark III and have used the Nikon D800E. I am also familiar with shooting medium format film as I own a Hasselblad H2.


with using External Flash, Profoto strobes, PocketWizards.

Consistent use of programs Photo Mechanic, Photoshop CS6|CC and Lightroom.

Mostly familiar with natural lighting than studio, but am a quick learner. Can hold diffusers, flags, reflectors, give creative direction, check exposures, run errands, etc.


Referenzen als Assistent / Werdegang

I am a BFA Photography graduate from California State University of Long Beach. 16'

• Former assistant campus photographer at CSULB (1 year)

• Former photo editor for Dig Magazine (1 year)

• Worked as a seasonal photographer for LifeTouch (4 months)

• I now do my own freelance and personal work traveling between the Inland Empire and the Los Angeles county

Interests: Veganism. Social work. Conceptual Art. Traveling.

Feel free to visit my website:

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