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  • USA, San Francisco
  • Jahrgang:1988
  • Assistent seit:2009
  • Führerschein:PKW
  • Eigenes Auto:eigenes Auto verfügbar
  • Reisepass:vorhanden
  • Sprachen:Englisch

Fotoassistent, Digital Operator

Nils Carlson

People, Portrait, Architektur, Location Scout, Mode, Beauty, Stilllife, Food, Landscape, Transportation, Auslandserfahrung

Know How:

I'm fluent in Nikon and Canon as well as medium and large format. I'm experienced with Profoto, Broncolor, Speedotron, Alienbees and, Speedlights. I'm solid with Lightroom and

Photoshop and have a working knowledge of capture one but will be improving on that soon. I've done some location scouting in the Bay Area for active/outdoors shoots.

Referenzen als Assistent / Werdegang

I graduated with my BFA in Photography from the Academy of Art University in December 2013. I started working as an assistant while I was still in school and am now looking to pick up more days as well as experience with larger jobs. My shooting experience is diverse: I've built a full length white studio in a hallway for a 5 minute shoot of a busy CEO. I've done editorial shoots of bands before they go on stage. I've also done slower-paced product shots with many micro-adjustments on location as well as in the Studio.

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